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Offline Pay by Check
Donation and/or Raffle Ticket Order Form


Please complete the order form and click on the "Submit Order" button. 
 mail a check, made payable to “Women’s Gift” to:
Women’s GiftPO Box 50193, Eugene, OR 97405

When your check arrives, we will email you the assigned raffle ticket numbers.


Raffle ticket sales begin April 16th and end May 16th. The drawing will be held on May 21st on Sponsors' campus at 1424 Oak Patch Rd, Eugene, OR  You don't need to be present to win. The six winners will be selected by a random number generator, contacted by email and phone.
We are selling only 200 tickets for each of the six raffle prizes

In Whistler Blackcomb, BC, plan your visit to check-in on 2/15/2025 for 7 days/6 nights. Total value $5,000
$25 per ticket.

Guided birding tour, books, lap quilt and more! Total value $438.98

$25 per ticket.

Bricks & MiniFigs birthday party, ice skating, Bounce open gym, paintball- or gellyball-pizza party, games, toys, ice cream, and books. Total value $1,363.56
$25 per ticket.

Play 18 holes of golf, ice Hockey lessons, white water rafting on the Rogue, and lessons in golf, pickleball, and tennis. Total value $1,072
$25 per ticket.

Garden design consultation, discount toward outdoor construction project, plant nursery certificates, and gardening tools. Total value $1,639

$25 per ticket.

Thank you! When we receive your check, we will email you the raffle ticket numbers.

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