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About Women's Gift

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As a fundraising nonprofit, we donate to Lane County nonprofits that provide support and services to women and children at risk.

How Women's Gift Works

Women’s Gift supports women, children, and youth at risk in Lane County. Each month we choose a carefully vetted organization to receive a $1,500 donation made possible by individual members’ donations. The selected organization provides an overview of its history, programs, structure, challenges, and contributions. In recognition of that work, the organization is awarded the donation at the conclusion of the meeting.

Women's Gift is an all-volunteer registered 501(c)(3) organization. Our funding comes from member donations, an annual fundraising event, and donations from supporters. We have no paid officers or staff. All work is volunteered, including operations, development, and website design and maintenance. Ninety-three percent of our proceeds are given to Lane County nonprofits.

Meetings, Annual Fundraiser, and Other Activities

There are 11 meetings a year (generally on the third Tuesday of each month). These meetings are hosted by one of our members and take place either at the agencies’ headquarters or hosted at a member’s home.
At each monthly meeting, one of the nine selected nonprofits comes to speak to us and receives a $1,500 donation. In the Spring, we conduct our annual fundraiser. In addition to the monthly meeting donation, Women’s Gift members have identified other ways in which to support needy women and children in the County.


Through our annual fundraiser, Women’s Gift conducts its most visible and extensive outreach in the community. In the fall, we seek nominations for the nonprofit that will be the beneficiary of the annual fundraiser conducted in the spring. The fundraiser involves members in seeking community participation through donations of gifts that will become part of a raffle. The community response has been overwhelming in the past few years. Through its raffle and donations from the fundraiser, Women’s Gift has awarded significant gifts to the nonprofits selected, for example $30,500 to Cahoots in 2021, $25,000 to CASA in 2022, and $27,200 to Bags of Love in 2023.
















We also take on special projects, such as collecting backpacks and school supplies for kids in need or purchasing and organizing bags of holiday gifts provided to needy families based on their interests and requests. These activities, along with others suggested by the membership, provide opportunities for more hands on involvement with our mission. 


Membership Donations   


Every member commits to a monthly donation; the usual minimum is $20 per month ($240 yearly). This can be paid on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. All donations are confidential; members donate at their comfort level. Some who wish to donate more can, of course, do so. No one is excluded for financial reasons. To date, we are 47 members and growing! The more we increase our membership, the more we can donate to Lane County nonprofits! (Click here to become a member)

How We Select Our Recipients

In the fall of each year, Women’s Gift members nominate and select a total of 10 organizations as recipients for the following year. Each month, one of the selected organizations is awarded the collective donation. No agencies or nonprofits are allowed to request donations. We research each suggested organization for stability and efforts that reflect our mission. Click here for a list of all the nonprofits to which Women's Gift has donated.

History of Women's Gift

Founder Rae LaMarche's story

I have always focused on service to my community. In 2007, while teaching in Thurston High School, I posted a New Year's resolution addressing that desire in the back of my classroom, where I saw it daily. In June, I realized that I needed to act, or it would never happen. Inviting a small group of friends to join me, we met and together chose to support local women and children at risk. Following my desire, we decided to pool funding and that all dues would be minimal so that everyone could participate. 

Women's Gift Board Members

Anna Gonzales and Ellen Campbell, Co Presidents

Mary Chris Strangland, Vice President

Lynnette Campbell, Treasurer

Eliana Vera, Secretary

Marty Moran Past President

Joni Hinton, Director

Bobbe Burkhalter, Director

Click here to read Board Members bios

History of Women'sGift

Where there is need, we find opportunity.

Our Mission

Our mission focuses on helping women and children at risk. We accomplish our mission by donating to Lane County nonprofits that provide support and services to women and/or children at risk. 

Combining our knowledge of our community and pooling our monetary donations, as a group we have more leverage to support nonprofits that focus on women's and children’s needs.

Our Mission

Our Recipients

We do our research, looking for registered nonprofit organizations in Lane County, Oregon, that focus on providing services and support for women and children.

For a list of recent recipients and more information go to the Our Recipients page

"Great opportunities to help others seldom come,
but small ones surround us every day."
-- Sally Koch

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