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2023 Annual Fundraiser
Women's Gift, through raffle ticket sales
 and donations, raised $27,200.00
for Bags of Love

About Bags of Love:

The nonprofit Bags of Love helps children, one bag at a time! They provide necessities and comfort items to children who are in crisis due to neglect, abuse, poverty, or homelessness.  

A bag of love is a care package with a full set of clothes, toiletry items, and comfort items, such as, a blanket, book, school supplies, and a toy. This bag provides a sense of being cared for, a “security blanket” to hold onto at what may be the worst point in a child’s young life. It is a ray of hope in a time of crisis.

Through Bags of Love's unique distribution model, they address the immediate physical and emotional needs of these children and help support more than 100 community agencies caring for them.


In 2022, Bags of Love gave 4,600 bags to children in crisis!

Bags of Love Logo w Pic and Mission.jpg
Fundraiser committee presenting check.jpg

Fundraising committee presents check to Bags of Love Executive Director Misty Hall. From the left: Sandy, Mary, Ellen, Marilynn, Misty, and Lynnette.

The 2023 Raffle


The raffle for 2023 Fundraiser for Bags of Love was on May 16, 2023. The Winners were:

  • Ellie Smith: #1 Basket Staycation and the Arts

  • Joyce Leader: #2 Basket Adventure and Activities

  • Sally Riedy: #3 Basket Cuisine and Gardening

This year we varied the raffle baskets to attract different demographics. We think we accomplished this. As it turned out, all three winners got their first choice!! Really nice how serendipitously, all three took home the baskets they most wanted!

Items in the three raffle baskets  were generously donated by local businesses or purchased by Women's Gift members. The basket prizes are listed here and further below are images of items created or purchased by Women's Gift members.

Anchor 1

Basket 1: Staycation and the Arts
Valued at $1,461

      The Gordon Hotel, 1 night king room $225


  • Sabai, $100

  • Cafe Med, $100

  • Sushi Pure, $100

  • Marché/Provisions, $100

  • Cornucopia, $50

Musical Performances and the Arts:


  • Oregon Contemporary Theater 2 tickets, $100

  • Very Little Theater 2 tickets, $50

And more:

Basket 1 donor logos.jpg

Basket 2: Adventure and Activities
Valued at $1,454

  • Guided birdwatching tour in Willamette Valley, any season, a full day, up to 7 people, $200

  • Barre3 Classes, 10 class pass, $200

  • Glow Yoga, 10 class pass, $170

  • Indigo Creek Outfitters, 1/2 day whitewater rafting on the Rogue River for 2 people, $170

  • Guided bird watching tour in Eugene/Springfield area, up to 4 people for 1/2 day, $150.00

  • Camp Dakota, paintball or gellyball party for up to 6 & one, 2-topping pizza, $135

  • Pickleball lesson/coaching, $120

  • Yoga tights, $95

  • Tennis lesson/coaching, $55

  • Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Membership, $55

  • Wild Birds Unlimited gift certificate, $50

  • Bird design garden art: handmade fused-glass, $45

Basket 2 donor logos.jpg

Basket 3: Gardening & Cuisine

Valued at $1,486

  • Quilt handmade floral design double size, $300

  • Pizza party for 8 people at McKenzie Orchards B&B, $200

  • Handmade, glass-fused blue platter and 4 serving plates. Made from Bulleye's special production glass, $150

  • Pepperberries gift card, $100

  • Market of Choice gift card, $100

  • Chocolate making party for 4 people, $100

  • Certificate for bakery items and/or party catering by Three Ovens Bakery, $100

  • Jerry's gift certificate, $100

  • Down to Earth gift card, $75

  • Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Family Membership, $55

  • Little Red Farm Nursery gift card, $50

  • See's Candies gift card, $50

  • Handmade glass-fused Patio Lantern, $40

  • Canning lesson & enter your creation into the Lane County Fair 2023, $25

  • Kitchen Apron from Pepperberries, $25

  • Butterfly Book Set, $16

Basket 3 donor logos color changed.jpg

Double click on an image to expand and read the descriptions. Use arrows to scroll through the picture gallery.

Many thanks to our friends and Women's Gift members for their generosity in donating gift certificates; and giving their time and talents for the raffle baskets.

  • Dennis Arendt

  • Ann Berg

  • Mary Brooner

  • Sue Brown

  • Ellen Campbell

  • Lynnette Campbell

  • Linda Cummings

  • Harry Fuller

  • Duane Funk

  • Pat Glassow

  • Orah Goldman

  • Mary Halpert

  • Joni Hinton

  • Marilyn Kelly

  • Rae LaMarche

  • Kate Schaffner

  • Ellie Smith

  • Ethan Smith

  • Janele Smith

  • Mary Chris Stangland

  • Roz Stein

  • Cindy Turell

  • Sandy Watkinson

Special thanks to the Women's Gift Fundraiser committee for giving their time and talents to raise funds for Bags of Love. Co-chairs:  Lynnette Campbell and Ellen Campbell, Members: Mary Brooner, Anna Gonzales, Marilyn Kelly, Sherrill Kirchhoff, Marty Moran, and Sandy Watkinson.

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