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Scrabble Luncheon

Women’sGift Scrabble Luncheon Fundraiser!


In 2021, we conducted a letter campaign to raise funds for CAHOOTS. We look forward to hosting our annual Scrabble Luncheon in the future.


The Scrabble Luncheon is a joyous and fun occasion to raise funds for a selected local nonprofit. 

Traditionally, pre-Covid time, every February, Women’sGift puts on a Scrabble Luncheon -- it is the only fundraiser we do. 100% of the Scrabble Luncheon’s proceeds are donated to the nonprofit selected by members at the June business meeting. Every member participates by bringing quiches, desserts, or salads; selling raffle tickets; and inviting family and friends to attend.    


Luncheon Details
Lunch buffet costs $20 per person. It is scrumptious and lovingly provided for by
Women’sGift ladies. After lunch, we play Scrabble games. These are friendly games; cheat sheets and dictionaries are provided. There are also a few Scrabble game tables for the more serious and skilled players. Lots of fun for all!


To increase our donated proceeds, at the Scrabble Luncheon we hold a raffle drawing. The raffle tickets go on sale in December and are $25/ticket.


Typically the prizes offer a vacation opportunity. In previous years, the raffle included a trip to Ashland to stay a B&B with a certificate to purchase tickets for Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

In 2021, by way of our letter campaign we conducted a virtual drawing, in which we offered a "staycation" at the luxurious Gordon Hotel in Eugene, included were various certificates for dining and shopping. Going forward we will continue to offer fabulous vacation packages.

Participants need not to be present to win raffle prizes. 

Interested in attending or participating?
If you want to receive an invitation to Women’sGift Scrabble Luncheons, then please click here. (Your email address will be added to the Scrabble Luncheon Only Mailer and that mailer is ONLY used for sending announcements about the Scrabble Luncheon.)

If you cannot attend the luncheon, but would like to participate, please consider purchasing raffle tickets. If you want to buy raffle tickets, then please click here.

We hope you can join us at the next Women’sGift Scrabble Luncheon. For details about the upcoming luncheon please click here.

"Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day."
-- Sally Koch

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