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Women's Gift
2024 Annual Fundraiser

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About Sponsors

Sponsors' philosophy is rooted in the belief that people can and do change, and that each day every person is deserving a second chance at life.

Sponsors empowers formerly incarcerated individuals as they work to rebuild their lives. They offer wrap-around supportive services, including permanent supportive housing, mental health counseling, parenting classes, employment services, and mentorship.

Sponsors' Bothy Cottage at their Downtown Campus provides housing for women like Shelby. She moved into Bothy Cottage after regaining custody of her two young children. The cottage provides a safe and nurturing environment where reunification and growth can take place for children and their formerly incarcerated mothersShelby received immediate access to onsite services. Today, Shelby has transitioned into a permanent supportive apartment and continues to work towards greater self-sufficiency. She is grateful for the kind and compassionate help she has received from Sponsors.

Bothy Residents.png

Women's Gift Annual Fundraiser

Proceeds raised for this year’s fundraiser will go toward Bothy Cottage for much needed repairs, upgrades, and replacing old appliances. Bothy Cottage is the home to single mothers with children on Sponsors' Downtown Campus.


Having a safe, stable, and comfortable home for families rebuilding after incarceration has been a critical aspect of success for thousands of women and families over the years.

Please support Women's Gift fundraiser by making a tax-deductible donation and/or purchase raffle tickets.


To make a donation, please click here or write a check made out to

Women's Gift and mail to: PO Box 50193, Eugene OR 97405

Buy Raffle Tickets*

Raffle ticket sales begin April 16th and end May 16th. The drawing will be held on May 21st on Sponsors' campus at 1424 Oak Patch Road, Eugene OR. You don't need to be present to win. The six winners will be selected by a random number generator, contacted by email and phone.



About the 6 Raffle Prizes:

This year we have 6 raffle baskets -- each basket has 200 tickets available. All tickets are $25.

To see more detailed information on all the raffle prizes, please click here.

  • Date Nights enjoy Eugene's finest lodging, restaurants, and the performing arts. Total value $1,309.00

  • Watch the Birdie! guided birding tour, books, lap quilt, and more. Total value $438.98

  • Crystal Lodge in Whistler Blackcomb, BC: plan your visit to check-in on 2/15/2025 for 7 days/6 nights. Total value $5,000

  • Family Fun Bricks & MiniFigs birthday party, ice skating sessions, Bounce open gym, paintball- or gellyball-pizza party, bowl at Emerald Lanes, games, toys, ice cream, and books. Total value $1,363.56

  • Be a Good Sport play 18 holes of golf, ice hockey classes, white water rafting on the Rogue, and lessons in golf, pickleball, and tennis. Total value $1,072.00

  • How Does Your Garden Grow? garden design consultation, discount toward outdoor construction project, hanging basket workshop, plant nursery certificates, and gardening tools​. Total value $1,639.00

* Buyer must be in the State of Oregon, and at least 18 years old, when raffle tickets are purchased.

Buy tickets online 
click here.

Buy tickets, pay by check
click here.

Bothy Residents mom and 3 kiddos.png

These organizations and businesses have
generously donated raffle prizes.

Date Nights

1 AMICI_v_L.jpg
Jade Dumpling.png
Oregon Contemporary Theatre.jpg
VLT Logo - Horizontal Color.jpg
the Gordon Hotel.png

Family Fun

Camp Dakota.tiff
Bricks and Minifigs Logo (Wide).jpg
The Rink Exchange .png
Art House Logo.jpeg
Roaring Rapids Pizza Company.png
Elephant's Trunk.png

Be a Good Sport!

Shadow Hills Logo.jpeg
Carry the 2 Golf copy.png
2 Indigo Creek.jpg
2 Eric Wold Pickleball.png

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The Walled Garden.JPG

Many thanks to our friends and Women's Gift members for their generosity in donating raffle prizes; and giving their time and talents for the fundraiser.


  • Lee Ann Armitage

  • Janet Barnes

  • Roberta Bolling

  • Sue Brown

  • Lynnette Campbell

  • Harry Fuller

  • Mary Halpert

  • Rae LaMarche

  • Marty Moran

  • Ethan Smith

  • Roz Stein

  • Sandy Watkinson


  • Mary Brooner

  • Ann Burgess

  • Claudia Campbell

  • Ellen Campbell

  • Lynnette Campbell

  • Megan Falkenstein

  • Fitzy Fitzgerald

  • Duane Funk

  • Orah Goldman

  • Anna Gonzales

  • Stephanie Hogan

  • Kay Kelly


  • Marilyn Kelly

  • Rae LaMarche

  • Marty Moran

  • Besty Ovitt

  • Rachel Rich

  • Mary Chris Stangland

  • Roz Stein

  • Carolyn Townsend

  • Cindy Turell

  • Eliana Vera

  • Sandy Watkinson

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